Pharoahe Monch


They are an awesome rap/funk band, truly a unique sound- i love them like my own.

>>By we   (Friday, 3 Jan 2003 06:18)

Pharoahe Monch is probably one of the greatest/undernoticed rappers of the last decade. Putting down since 92 as half of Organized Konfusion they dropped one of the 2 hottest albums for the early 90's (Self Titled Debut & "Stress: The Extinction Agenda"). IMO if he was white he would be hotter than Eminem. While he raps MUCH differently than Eminem he has the most versatile delivery out there. He usually rolls with cats like Talib Qwali, Mos Def, and the Rawkus records type. While he slightly bubbled on to the mainstream radar in 99 with Simon Says from his debut solo album titled Internal Affairs he still has yet to make it big. However it seem that anybody who raps now knows and appreciates him. You can find him on the Linkin Park remix album plus hes been mentioned as a insperation to rappers like Canibus, Sole (from AntiCon), Guru (of gangstarr). I have no problem with confidently saying i have listened to every single verse Pharoahe has spit on to wax (with the exception of 1-4 newer things) and i have NEVER been dissapointed. However i am still waiting on his new album.

p.s. Pharoahe Monch is ONE person. Organized Konfusion was a group he was in with Prince Po(etry) however they had some sort of falling out. They didnt dis-band but...its confusing what really happend there.

>>By Roe tha Unknown   (Tuesday, 7 Jan 2003 05:55)

To every one out there, Pharoahe will be huge - he is one of the two 3 rappers out there right now, and i can not wait for his new joint.

>>By Gifton   (Saturday, 22 Feb 2003 20:03)

Mighty Pharoahe is one of the GREATEST EVER. Mos, Talib, Skillz, Smut Peddlers.. all on the same label? Rawkus is dope. Also Organized Konfusion is probably the best group of all time if not Tribe or Outkast.

>>By Remot   (Sunday, 23 Feb 2003 17:00)

monch. is. ridiculous. as. fuck.

>>By parker   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 21:33)

thanks for all your compliments guys -im jolly well chuffed!

>>By pharoahe monch   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 00:07)

yo. pharoahe is one of the best underground rappers ive ever heard. hes becoming a little more mainstream but who really cares. his beats are loco. yo if pharoahe out there kept it up bruv.

>>By themainevent   (Wednesday, 30 Apr 2003 04:49)

Pharoahe Monch is the best straight up. No one could contest.

>>By Jkilla   (Tuesday, 6 May 2003 18:30)

he`s best. his lyrics,beats,voice.

>>By gotti   (Monday, 23 Jun 2003 15:41)


>>By PACO   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 04:03)

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