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Hayseed Dixie is this band of acoustic musicians from Tennessee that puts a pretty cool twist on their own renditions of Kiss songs. Their album Kiss My Grass has a heart-wrenching version of "Cold Gin," the confident, cocksure delivery of "Lick It Up" and other timeless Kiss tunes including "Calling Dr. Love," "Detroit Rock City," and "Heavenís On Fire."
The boys of Hayseed Dixie: Barley Scotch, Enus Younger, Talcum Younger, and Mutt Twang recorded a previous tribute album to AC/DC. In fact, the members of AC/DC liked their acoustic bluegrass sounds enough for bassist Cliff Williams to invite the band to play at a tour-wrap party. He even joined them onstage to play bass on "Have a Drink On Me."

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