My Chemical Romance


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my chemical romance is amazing i cant beleive no one has said anything about them

>>By emolver

Shit they rock.

>>By Xx0StarNoStar0xX

Dude, I'm Not Okay (I Promise) has the most amazing sound and the lyrics are true, cause I know deep inside someone knows exactly how they feel. At least, I've felt like that many times before .. but of course those are only my incongruous problems.

>>By SugarcultCrazzy oXx

They r so kickass!!! Yea it sux that only 3 ppl rote about them...well there songs "Helena", "Im Not Okay (I Promise)", and "Ghost of You" rock!!!! not 2 mention there music good but the lead singer, Gerard is yummy!! tee hee :)

>>By Enchanted_Faerie29

im so glad that thier starting to get some recognition because they soo deserve theyare fuckin amazing not amazing fucking amazing
i have seen them live and they completly amaze me every time
i find that gerard and bert mcracken remind me of each other very much so they are both gorgoues

>>By emolver

My chemical romance rocks so much, i have to go and hurt one of my friends cause he is friends with my chemical romance and every time they are in town he gets frount row and hangs out with them, he gets to sing some of the songs with mychemical romance on stage... not fair

>>By Psychotic Bitch

dude they rock! how can you not like them?.......i mean only if you were some rap freak or something..damn rap bugs me

>>By Births_Downfall

My chemical romance is another obsession of mine. I am not addicted to any
narcotics but i am definatly addicted to these fellows, they are my heroin!
They have an awesome sound and beautiful lyrics to go along with that.
(Personally I have a fondness for Mikey Way, he is definatly the cutest in
my opinion). They are the best band to come along in a good while and i am
glad they did. IF anyone gets the chance READ the article about them in the
AP magazine....this article expains ALOT.
They are AMAZING

>>By the art of looking sideways

My Chemical Romance are AWESOME! They ROCK!

I agree with the art of looking sideways, they are the best band to come along in a good while!

>>By saphira

The I'm not Ok music video is awesome.

>>By Markus is your father

I LOVE the song "The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You"...And I get to see them in 59 days at the Taste Of Chaos Tour...Can't Wait, They are a great band.

>>By x LoSt sOuL 27 x

Wow, My Chemical Romance. From "I Brought you my Bullets you Brought Me your Love" to "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge", they have done an amazing job with the right mix of guitars, bass, drums and beautiful yet suicidal lyrics that most people come to love whether or not they like rock. As for me, I'm Not Okay (I Promise) will always be a good song to me, but every song they've made is amazing and I could never really pick a favorite.
As for the looks, Gerard Way is beyond hot and always will be, from his pale makeup to his longish black hair. Then there is Frank Iero, with his cute gelled hair, it's unbelievable.
Never seen them in concert, but they sound like they do a hell of a good job and I am hoping to find tickets sooner or later - I have to see Gerard at least once. He is amazing!

Message me to contact me *

>>By SugarcultCrazzy oXx

They'r f***in amazing!!! Seen them live and thought they rocked!! Going to see them the Taste of Chaos Tour, hope its the full on thing and not just a taste. Gerard Way is a major hottie who i'm going to rape if i ever see him close by again! lol Can't wait for the Helena video to come out. It looks f***in sweet!

>>By cheezypunk

One more thing, My Chemical Romance is the best romance ever!

>>By cheezypunk

oh my god i like sooo love my chem they are totally talented and stuff and um i um i like popcorn and like britney spears and like pink-anything pink-like pepto bismo that stuff is like the best sports drink like erver. ao my gosh!!!!!!! o goodness i want to listen to like hillary duff becuz she is so totally rad.
ok if u read all that ur a LOSER thats not me but i do love my chem...they kik ass! and pinks a dumb color that i only like wen it super brite. i like green! yay.

>>By freek182

heylo my chemical romance fans...
i too am a fan..
of just recently....
and i think they are amazing...

im very impressed...

they are the best new band....

and of course gerard way (vocalist) is lovely to look at....

talented musicians...

*curtsies and walks off stage*


>>By yoursweet666godess

They aren't quite know in Finland... I'm so glad about that! so I can keep MyChemRom with myself for awhile before every 13-year-old realises that "I can listen to rock-music too! farewell Good Charlotte!" and then they buy MCR's records.

>>By Catri

My Chemical Romance rocks. I just hate it how people only recognize "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge", now adays everybody is loving them. I suppose that's good, but if you want to be a "true" fan you should listen to their first album, "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love". It's a lot darker than their later but it's awesome. According rescent interviews with Gerard Way they're next album (can't wait for that to come out) is also going to go back to the band's darker days. Anything they do will rock! Haha, unless, of course, they come out with some teenie-bopper bubble gum pop or "gangsta" rap. By the way, I think all of the members of the band are "cute". Gerard and Mikey Way are the prettiest brothers I have EVER seen. Haha. Later.

>>By DeathLilly

They are alright I have heard better.

>>By okn0tok

they're truly the best romance u'll ever expirience! they rock live!!! favorite cd is i brought u the bulletes, u bought me ur luv!!!! its flippin rad!!!!! TOC ROCKED!!!! WOO HOO!!!

>>By cheezypunk

Gooooooooooo Chemical Brothers

>>By Dies_Irae

I haven't heard their first record but I've heard rumours that it copied Thursday quite alot...

>>By Catri


>>By xfadetobrightx

This band is an incredible and talented band. They know what it takes to make good music. I like their individual sound they have. If you are walkinga around and here one of their songs, you know it is MCR. They rock you sox off!!!!

>>By Ike

i'm just discovering them, and i gotta say they're quite impressive! i mean, finally a new rock band that is actually very good!

>>By Eli_Molko

I can't wait for their 3rd album... it will take ages!

>>By Catri

I luv their song -I'm not okay-It rocks listening to it now-I WANT THERE NEW ALBUM THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE!!

>>By I-luv-you


on the 7th of april i went to see then at glasgow barrowlands.... the show was awsome... lots of "dont let them take your lives" stuff from gerard....and he was wearing a bullet proof vest *melts* and came on stage singing "here comes the bride"...well more like screaming/screeeching it.... it was awsome...

some guy attacked him during im not okay (it was the second lats song they played) and gerard was actuallly on the floor of the stage been jumped all over and still sang.... it was great....

but they didnt play early sunsets over monroeville....which dissapointed me...

then after wards.... me and me best friend decided to see if they would come out....and after about two hours her dad showed up and was have ten minutes left.... so we waited about 2o minutes!!! and just as we were leaving as we never thought they were coming... frank peeked his head out from up the stair bitty...and then he walked down./...with gerard fiollowing him...then gerard said "we're just gonna go put our stuff on the bus... we'll be right back I PROMISE"
ans sure enough they came back....

cause we were in a rush we got to talk first... i asked nicely you see!!!...
i was really calm....which i thought was good for me...

i just told them i loved the autographs and pics...talked for ten mins and left...

lol...and of course... i got them to sign me sex book...which i now use as an autograph book!!!!

frank lauighed when he seen wot it was....i dont think gerard noticed though....

and then... later i noticed frank had written...

to yvonne
belive in yourself

which i thought was just brilliant!!!

they were really nice guys...

when my best friend told gerard she loved him he said....koooooool.... in this really cute...shy

and frank was kind of bewildared looking...

it was great...

i tell this story to everyone...

and thought...hey i shud post it there....


i just wish i could have met ray...i wanted to touch his hair :-)


>>By yoursweet666godess

I have to admitt Gerard Way is just the hottest guy I have seen in a Good while....

I love there mo0sik... Its so damn good...
I missed the chance to go see MCR live.... I wont miss it Next time... I wont let myself.... I have only Just started to like themthanx to one of my good friends... Im glad she told em about them because there AMAZING !

♫ Well.. If yu want it honestly that all yu have to say. I never want to let you down or have you go, it's better off this way. For all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took,
Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor? ♫

Love Jenni

>>By _x_midian_x_

*giggle* yeah they rock my bum :-)

more people should write on here.... and then we can all have a big my chemical romance shrine thinggy going on... i think that would be lovely...

*toddles off*

lots of love

>>By yoursweet666godess

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