Moby is a great !I love his music,she make me fresh,cool and happy every day.

>>By teoos_f

Moby is a great his music i make fly

>>By portishead

I cry when I hear porcelain. It was the song I was listening to when I saw a child get killed in a car accident...

>>By Rabbit

the song porcelain is the best.

>>By 3j

i don't know what all the fuss is about. he uses the same chords and boring beats, can't sing, is a wanker on stage and tried to pull my mates when they were 16. OVERPRODUCED, too many gizmos, poor use of technology does his musicians/singers no credit. YAWN.

>>By sai

Moby rocks,l ur a fukhead, moby is soothing, original and diffent to what your blak nigga beats pump out every day ruinging kids minds

>>By tick

I like his early albums the best. Yes, I am one of those people who says all the recent stuff is not as good as back in the day but it's not. I loved Everything is Wrong, Animal Rights and Go. They were hard and more punk and not appreciated at all. P.S. Sai sucks.

>>By pontiuslove

Please take this goofy tone-deaf wiener off my TV. Moby needs to take the millions he's made off car commercials and buy an island really far away where he can eat all the little veggie sausages he wants, update his website 17 times a day, and spare us from his Sesame Street soundtrack bullshit. Who wants to bet those guys who beat up Moby were just Spiritualized fans pissed at him for ripping off Jason Spaceman's spacesuit getup?

>>By Dresden

listen to some old moby is so much better

>>By morge

moby is a genius. not only can he produce and create greate techno and trance beats, he is also a great songwriter and plays guitar, bass, drums, piano and other instruments.

>>By spliff

moby your very cool. I like your music a lot andI think that all the haters out there are just fronten dae neta stop acten out like that but your music makes me feel up and alive I allways lisen to your music when I breakdance. It helps me get down and diggen to break a move, well moby you the man and don't worry about what other people say to you just say (do you know who I am bitch) and then they will be like all out. peace you the man

>>By phonttagy

cant understand all this critism of moby the man is a genius his music is class yes it has been used in a lot of comercials but its only done because it is well liked and will help sell there products if its a catchy or moving piece, i ahve also had the chance to see him life and he puts on a great show so give the man a chance

>>By fallmonk

I like Moby... but I havent a chance to listen to any of his older material yet...
Play is good I think!

>>By bagelboy13

I *heart* moby. Lets do a survey. What is the best Moby song?

>>By OpheliasViolets

hmm thats a tough one, I think "In This World" is my favourite but I like "Porcelain" aswell.

>>By peachbeach

No way! In this world is my favorite too. And I'm not just like saying that... I've listened to that song a uncountable times and I've never gotten sick of it.

>>By OpheliasViolets

look i got moby play and unless your in the "mood" that W***** guy is right.... but on the upside he uses weird stuff to produce excellent sounds..... i like him but i think he's one of those "mood" music people like Killing Heidi or ummm ramstein hey has anybody ever heard of "GACT" cause Flork doesnt have it .....


>>By Meo

Porcelain is a masterpiece.

>>By Obfuscated

Porcelain.... it is nice..

>>By OpheliasViolets

Bit quiet around Moby at the moment. The works i listen and know of him are '18' & 'Play'. I like his smooth and lots of melancholic works. Surprisingly enough he's able to create a sound that's near Front 242 sometimes. I like that.
Never heard any of his old works. As far as i know his early works was more like punk. Don't know if i'm correct on this one, but i will find out. I love surprises

>>By Sanvean

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