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Hey, no one has commented on them, yet?! well ' The Land Down Under ' is a great song!

>>By Jane   (Monday, 16 Aug 2004 06:29)

I agree Jane!!! My 12 year old son loves it too!! Are you an Aussie? It's a really pepped up song, don't you think? Makes you feel good.
Seeya, from 'the land down under'

>>By darcy   (Monday, 16 Aug 2004 08:18)

Hahaha yes it does make you feel good. I'm not an aussie, but I would really love to go to Australia when I get older. My friend Tim is there right now, and hes getting back soon. The song makes me feel happy!

>>By Jane   (Saturday, 28 Aug 2004 19:17)

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