This abnd is fucking amazing!!! check them out please you will not regret it!!!! great american Thrash Metal!! Fans of metal check this out!!!!! please!!!!!

>>By cruel_portrait

woohoo! i have tickets 2 see em in feb :D they rock

>>By Beth88

so good.

>>By jerm

i really dig mastodon. . .but not live.

i went to see them last year with converge. when converge played the crowd was insane. . .but once mastodon started playing the crowd was at a standstill.

they're too sludgy and slow to see live.

it was still a good show. don't get me wrong. i just can't get into shows where the crowd stands around not knowing what to do.

hopefully the same thing doesn't happen when i go see converge and baroness in april. . .

>>By drowninginflame

crack the skye rules

>>By antoboyo

I have to say, I think they are a really cool band, but I was really disappointed with their crack the skye. I liked it when they were really aggressive and thrash ( I love leviathan and remission) and I think a couple of the melodies that they sing sound a little cheesy. Dont get me wrong, they're awesome. I am going to see them with Dethklok in Portland, OR. I would rather them play Megalodon than Oblivion.

>>By IAMnotMAN

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