Leonard Cohen


is leonhard cohen a christian?

>>By rev dr natch

well i just wan't to say that he is realy good!!...

>>By niel young lover

No, he is not a Christian. He was born Jewish and has since turned to Zen Buddism as a
means to worship God

>>By me

just saw leonard cohen on a pbs special. I think it was from 1988. absolutley blew me away! fantastic music. deep. melodic.

the man is genius

>>By tom

I heard leonard cohen for the first time in march 2003 on a PBS special...haunting music, relevant recent history and religious perspective. I cried.

>>By CDM

The man is a musical genius.

His use of instruments like the Mandolin/ Spanish guitar, Violin, Steel Guitar... and the juxtaposition of his deep, gravel-ish voice with that of the high-pitched, sweet female voices or a church-like choir ... his various music forms like a waltz, jazz, country, spiritual .... his writing style's use of irony and beatiful phrasing............. all these things are spectacularly done in an understated manner.

I find myself smiling in awe as I listen, even through the darkest lyrics.

>>By slowhandml

Saw Leonard live at PLace Des Art in Montreal, his home town about 1972. One of the
most memorable concerts I have ever seen. A true Canadian genius.

>>By JB

He rocks

>>By Saw Docotor

his song his so fly, mad cats tried to cop it from him.

>>By smoon

"in my secret life" is really brilliant! i'd listen to it hours and hours...

>>By silvergreenelena

is leonhard cohen a christian?

>>By rev dr natch (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2002 01:07)

No, he was born jewish, and as I understood well he has converted to Buddhism. But I could be wrong. More important, does it matter for the music. All he did was great, but his last record which he did a year ago. I must say I wasn't so charmed by that one, but that might have been because it was quite positive compared to his other work.

My personal favorite is "songs from a room" none of the songs there are bad, and for those who love singer songwriters it is obligitory material..

The guy should get a pulitzer.......

>>By Campking

I know I sound stupid but i'm definately going to like someone who sings "gimmie crack and anal sex".

>>By thom

the guy is good...... and still alive. but there are usually only a couple of good tracks on most of his records. more on some, less on others. haven't heard the latest album yet. many, many people are influenced by him, even Trent Reznor.

>>By jimakane

I wish Leonard Cohen would go back to recording albums with a more acoustic sound. The whole "Euro-Disco" sound he's been doing since the 80s is making it really hard to keep listening to him. I mean, I'M YOUR MAN was good, and he still writes good lyrics, but since then he's been on a long decline production wise, and no number of backing singers can make up for it.

>>By conl

i have to agree with you there conl.... im your man had a few good tracks on it. sometimes the backing vocals help, and sometimes they hurt..... alot......

>>By jimakane

leonard cohen's music from the late 60's early 70's is definitely my preference. . .

songs. . .and songs of love and hate both ignite fires inside of me. . .

'avalanche' is one of the most gorgeous songs on this earth. . .

*swoon. . .heart flutters*

>>By drowninginflame

One of the great songwriters of our time. Also proves that sincerity is the best quality of a singer...

>>By Noudjali

i love this guy he's been a fovorite of mind for years .. i love the 'sisters of Mercy" and many of his old tunes also "I'm your man" tears at my heart.

>>By boobiepottyfanny

Great folk music, very pretty. Has a good number of enjoyable songs, sweet talent. Down to earth.

>>By MagentaStraberry

I like his earlier,more moody work best.

>>By scarletnikki

He is a great guy. Never could forget "Democracy"

>>By Joshua Tree

Has anyone seen the documentary about him ? I think it's called I'm your man. Well, he's a favorite of mine, but I was totally disappointed by this movie. There were some performances of his songs by other artists that were embarassingly bad.

>>By resound7

no I never saw that, I will look out for a repeat tho!

>>By scarletnikki

I have not heard any of his later work but the many covers that Judy Collins did of his early songs are among some of my favorite music.

>>By 21pinetree

Check out the film McCabe and Mrs. Miller (netflicks might have it.) Soundrack is from Leonard Cohen albums. Warren Beatty and Julie Cristie in a turn of the century gold-mining town on the outskirts. Gorgeous!

I grew up listening to leonard cohen, so it's wierd to see him newly adulated.

>>By redgem

Cohen is

>>By Campking

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