Laurie Anderson


Laurie Anderson's entire body of work can be summed up as exact and succinct as this: It's no different than Greek Mythology or most Zen Buddhism: it's all scatological folk tales elevated to the level of high-myth, religion, and high-culture. It's the ancient practical joke on its last legs.

Laurie, I'm taking you home soon. All is forgiven love.

>>By Grim Phoenix

someone tell me that im similar to you, just phisicly.
now im triing to see you just to make shure that is true.

>>By Aida

I have been an ardent fan of L. Anderson's since 83, though my interest waned somewhat after Strange Angels. Looking to talk to some people who can help renew my obsession. Philadelphia is my virtual stomping ground. i enjoyed The Ugly One w/ the Jewels. Heya!

>>By Darkhalls

Is she still active in music, performance art, etc?
A unique talent, that's for sure.
How did she & Lou Reed get it together though?

>>By nonyeb

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