Kylie Minogue


She is THE pop princess

>>By Sammy

great career, whatever people say, it's her personality and her good music that rocks...

>>By thea

Kylie Minogue Rocks!!! All of her albums are great. Her 'FEVER' album is a perfect package of pure pop. Kylie has a nice personality as well as a fine booty!!

GO KYLIE!!!!!!!

>>By --k-mista--

I dont like any other pop music. But i love kylie. she sings as beautiful as she looks.

>>By Thomas from CA

the first moment i saw kylie on neighbours i was in love . she has everything that a man needs especially a wonderfull posteria . kylie is definetly my girlfriend material . i hav posters all over my wall of her she has grown up to be a great idol to me and i want to follow in her foot steps .>>>>>By kylie m xxxxx

>>By sweet ass

kylie has inspired every decision that i have made she is the best, and my favorite person. she is a very talented person, and proves that good things come in small packages.
She is the best performer this world has brought to us, Kylie rules.

>>By kylie_fan34

i like dannii minogue better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By copper

I hardly like any other pop, but she is awesome. I love her music and her voice is amazing. Plus she is the sexiest singer of all time. I am so in love with her. Her body is amazing and her face is awesome.


>>By Tom

My fav Kylie album is Impossible Princess. It doesn't sound like the pop kylie at all......its great!

>>By Tiger_Lily

Slow. . .
Isn't it. . . actually. . . sort of. . . good?

>>By Jack_is_hot_12

i wasn't sure about slow when i first heard it, but now i'm addicted to it

>>By Tiger_Lily

Ive been singing all my life and when I hear good vocal skill I know it. If you ever see her live you will hear the truth talent in this girls voice. She does sing very well. I'd have to say I am a big fan of her.

>>By MissTrix

dannii's got the better voice. but i like kylie too.

>>By eatengold

i like danni and kylie

>>By hislop

Kylie has breast cancer along with how many other thousand women in the world?

>>By spikee

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