Klaus Wunderlich


Klaus Wunderlich has successfully raised the bar in regards to popular German organ music. His music defines a generation.

>>By Robbo   (Wednesday, 11 Dec 2002 01:02)

He was a master of the interpretation art in music, his style is a paradigm.

>>By ACordourier   (Sunday, 23 Mar 2003 17:48)

Since the aged 15 I was a fond admirer of the honerable man, the great Herr Klaus Wunderlich. I use to be German, too. Even more, I was born in Saxony (Delitzsch). No wonder we were music-emotionally compatible". I felt his musical feelings and interpreted them in my musical creativity. On the 10/10.1988, I send the great man three music cassettes with recordings "of my talent of whistling" (to his organ music) and his reply "sent me to Heaven"...
I said to myself: "If these wonderful words of professional scrutiny are really from the great Herrn Wunderlich, then I can from now on afford to ignore any other criticism.
Here 's, in his own words, of what the great man had to say:
"Sie besitzen wirklich eine ausgezeichnete Pfeiftechnik und vor allem, Sie haben auch ein recht gutes musikalisches Gehoer und "Feeling". Da ich auch ein bisschen musikalisch bin.... usw. usw."
(Engl.trans= " They possess really an excellent whistling technique and above all, you have also a quite good musical hearing and "Feeling". Since I am also a little musical.... etc. etc)
Professional musicians or promoters, who would like to have a copy of this letter, signed by Herr Klaus Wunderlich, please don't hesitate to contact me. My e-mail is: jdrinda@hotmail.com My (7) sound samples are on: http://jdrinda.tripod.com

>>By Johannes K. Drinda   (Wednesday, 25 Jun 2003 03:28)

I did not know the man was alive till I hit the internet, but my family was raised on organs, so I went looking for organ music, and boy did I hit paydirt with this mans music!!! I have listened to some of the best organist in the business, but found no one like this man, h4e sooths my soul !!!! If there is another one out in the world like this man, send him
to me. I can't praise Klaus enough, to bad we had to loose a great talent!!

>>By Stephen Mosner   (Thursday, 26 Jun 2003 13:01)

As a teenager I basically grew up with the music of Klaus Wunderlich,
I was given my first LP of Klaus Wunderlich as an appreciation gift for playing my own electronic organ at a school drama night and on my return home to Port Lincoln, where I visited my local record store, I was given a catalogue of Klaus Wunderlichs Telefunken LP's - from which I began to choose and order further LP's of his - that was back in 1972.

Music stores in Australia now are reluctant to hold stocks of anything relating to 'organ music' and not even in Adelaide.

The last few times I have gone to Adelaide, I have come home feeling pretty disappointed in the total lack of any real decent Klaus Wunderlich CD's apart from maybe one of the Collection CD's, but if you already have it, there's not much point in buying the same one again.

If you so choose to walk into any music store in most capital cities in Australia now and ask for 'organ music' you might well be told that either "I don't like 'Organ Music' and I see no reason to stock that sort of music".... or "Who the hell is Klaus Wunderlich?"....

I invariably find myself leaving these stores feeling pretty jaded and despondent, and don't feel very encouraged to ever want to patronise the stores again.

There seems to be something about 'Organ Music' that music stores in Australia seem to want to 'avoid like the plague',

I guess this could be because they have heard too much 'bad or poor quality organ music LP's' like those of Ken Griffin or Jesse Crawford' on poorly pressed LP's, or too much Bach, (church organ music and think that all organ music is 'funeral music'

They have obviously never heard any of the really top stuff like Klaus Wunderlich, Franz Lambert or Claudia to really get the right idea about what good organ music is.... and have based their negative attitude on the bad stuff from the mid-50's...

Ken Griffin and Jesse Crawford are still good organists in my opinion, but there are a lot of people who think they are pretty awful, but try convincing some vehimently anti-organ people that Klaus Wunderlich, Franz Lambert or Claudia is very much different to that which might have really put them right off 'organ music'..... they'll never change.

Sure there was some pretty horrible sounding, very poor quality LP's of organ music around in the past, but one should never generalise 'all organ music as being awful, stodgy, distorted, and boring, funeralic organ music, and lump the best artists of today in the same trashcan as that which they say they hated because it was genuinely awful...

>>By Bushymo   (Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 12:18)

I would like to see all of Klaus Wunderlich's early LP's like Hammond Concerto, Hammond Sensation released on CD, I know that a lot of his old material is appearing on newer LP's, but we will probably never see his old Hammond Pops series released with their original covers on CD.

These as well as the music on those memorable old LP's are the very essence of what Klaus Wunderlich was all about,- can you imagine Abbey Road being released with a different cover to the one you remember so fondly from the sixties?, and be told that this album will never be entirely available again on CD exactly like it was back then, or Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of The Moon' with a different cover.... It just wouldn't quite be the same Pink Floyd Album even if most of the tracks are still there.

Having grown up with the covers on the old Hammond Pops LP's and LP's like Hammond for Lovers, Sudamericana 1 and 2, etc. one still vividly remembers the covers on them, and can still visualise many of them if not all of them even this very minute...

I used to try and predict what hits would be on Klaus's next Pop's LP, when listening to the radio, and was right on many occasions. knowing how well Klaus chose the hits for the next LP, I think I was a pretty good guess most of the time....

When I heard that Klaus Wunderlich had passed away, I knew full well that this was the end of the 'Klaus Wunderlich Journey' - The Journey of Wonderous Expectation and anticipation of 'what might be on his next'..... and realised that from here on, I would have to look back on what was his best and hope that I could pick up old LP's of his in charity Op Shops. or Secondhand shops that were in good condition.

There were a lot of Klaus Wunderlich's LP's that we never really saw here in Australia, much of which I have seen the covers of from releases in Germany and elsewhere.

I am sure that there is a lot of his music that I never heard that I would be absolutely fascinated with hearing.

>>By Bushymo   (Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 12:39)

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