KISS is incredible , their stage show cant be beat, I saw them 5 years ago, and the whole show is still burned in my head,best album is alive, no question, my favorite songs are cold gin, god of thunder, let me go rock n roll, domino, ,and I love it loud

Art Vandela   (Tuesday, 21 Jan 2003 19:41)

i don't know of kiss is good but maybe i buy a album:D

>>By hells angus   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 21:55)

I loved classic Kiss, from their first album up to around Dynasty, and some of their eighties stuff was pretty cool, but "Psycho Circus" was only so/so, and it's really disappointing that Gene and Paul let other musicians wear Ace and Peter's make-up. It's either Kiss, or it's not Kiss. You can't just pick guys to come in and fill in like that. I don't care if their replacements are "better musicians" or not. Ace and Peter gave Kiss that original sloppy, dirty rock'n'roll sound. You can't just have people come in and fake that.

>>By Extremis   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 16:07)

Maybe It's because I've never seen them live but, honestly, I just don't get it. What the hell is so freaking cool about kiss. They might have a kick-ass stage show but I think their music kind of sucks. Again maybe I just need to see them live.

>>By MightyAfroWhitey   (Sunday, 12 Oct 2003 07:00)

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