Killswitch Engage


killswitch engage fucking rules. Talk about them for god sakes

>>By gohan

wow looks like you're the only one that's kind of cool actually heh

>>By nosupremists

Killswitch fuckin rules..I already have their new album downloaded on my comp. It's a bit different then the last two but I think it's pretty sweet.

>>By LadyVenom

killswitch engage rocks!!!!

>>By iva212

So is anybody here actually gonna talk about Killswitch?

>>By LadyVenom

I'm going to see Killswitch next month. They're playing with In Flames and As I Lay Dying. I can't fuckin wait.

>>By LadyVenom

They put on an awesome show. I got Mike's bass pick from the show, and Adam dedicated their last song of the night "My Last Serenade" to all the beautiful women in the audience, then walked over, leaned down towards me and blew me a big kiss. :D Kick ass show, tons of energy. Got some great pics too.

>>By LadyVenom

weired band
my best friend fom Germany really sings "My Last Serenade".

>>By tameeka

Great band. A lot of my friends went off them when they got their new singer, but I think hes damn good.

And that show with In Flames was fuckin dope. Second best metal-core band out there.

>>By Stinkfist

It pisses me off that people won't give Killswitch a chance because now they have Howard. Well, those people are just fuckin ignorant.

By having Howard join the band, it could only get better. He just adds his own talent to an already kickass band. Howard has one of the best voices in metal these days. Not only can he scream like no tomorrow, he can sing fuckin great too.

I notice alot of heavy bands today that have one member who does the screaming, and one who does the singing. Its nice to see someone who can do both equally well.

>>By LadyVenom

killswitch just seems to damn generic metalcore for me.

not quite heavy enough..
but i havent heard that dont take my opinion to heart.

i'm relating them to bands such as "misery signals" and "scarlet"

my usual listening.

>>By Pinky

Dude this band is talented yes............and they have some good songs but seriosuly there new album should have 1 song on it cause the rest of it all sounds the same, well honestly i only gave it one listen but i honestly wasnt inpressed, anyone here who likes bleeding through man!! that band rules

>>By cruel_portrait

Been listening to the new KSE album solid for the last month and think its Booshaa!! Think Howard has his own thing goin on and shouldn't be compared but I guess he always will. I think this album Rocks!! Hope to see them next time they tour the UK

>>By Phoenix Dark

okay.. dont belt me over the head here.. k?

im a fairly recent newcommer to the world of metal.. and i gotta say it. KSE's 'A Bid Farewell' changed my whole damn ignorant perception of hard music with 'real' instruments. [i love Drum'n'Bass and darker hiphop.. again.. y'all AINT allowed to stab me!]

since that fateful night i got infected, i've been listening to other bands.. caliban, lacuna coil, bury your dead [sooo good!] but killswitch.. ahhh. honestly, they a part of my life now.
i bought both 'alive or just breathing' and 'the end of heartache' for meself over xmas, and by dang. talk about heavy rotation :)


>>By auspicious

I still don't like their new album. I've tried to like Howard I really have, but he's nothing compared to Jesse. Killswitch were so much heavier and their songs were much more varied with Jesse, he was so great.

>>By Stinkfist

The new album by killswitch engage, as Day light dies is a charm, i love it. Great clean vocals and awesome screams from howard, hre's one of the best metal vocalists in my opinion in the metalcore scene.

>>By gohan

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