Goldie Lookin Chain


Surely the GLC are the finest rap band in the world. They're so brilliantly satirical and funny as well as highly talented musicians.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Monday, 1 Nov 2004 17:11)

You knows it clart. Serious serious.

I live in Newport and have grown up and been to school and even worked with most of these top clarts. One night, I came home from the pub, sat in front of the television, rolled a joint, flicked on MTV and saw the video for 'Half man, Half machine' and almost peed myself laughing.

Hilarious stuff. Big shouts to Ferris' chip shop, TJ's, Shopmopbility, Cash Generator, Newport Transport, Best Kebabs, Dragon Taxis, Pill Market and my mate Robbie C. You sorts me out with a wicked half ounce. Knows it.

>>By cute_fluffy_death_thing   (Friday, 4 Feb 2005 04:22)

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