i like evereve...so ner

I discovered ever eve by a radio on the internet, and immediately loved it. I bought their cd "regret", and now I listen to it so munch ! [I'm a goth music addicted, lol]. Now I think I'll buy their others cds... I would know munch about them... They are unknown, it's sad, because their music is really nice ! [so goth... harmonic... with great sounds... and sometimes words in french !!! I'm so glad cos' it's my mother language...

>>By anaëlle

evereve is a great band
dark, metal, gothic,
all styles...
go...dark is life

I know only "Stormbirds" but in my opinion it's a good album. Good music . Waiting for a new album. I think ...you will have a new fan. Thanks !

>>By cblack

dark lives in Ever Eve

>>By fo dark zc

ARGH! >_< the local cd stores don't even have Evereve on their import lists.


>>By My shirt is red ^_^

I can't find any album in Portugal ...

>>By Estanislau

I miss old Everve

>>By Akasha

I just got evereve - seasons off ebay. FInaly i found them. Now I can listen to tru gothic, harmonic music.

Hey red shirt guy im sure u can try the major stores, websites. If ur in uk try www.hmv.co.uk I find loads of shit on there in gothic and black metal stuff that cant be found in the stores.

>>By Tom

Regret and E-mania are easily better than seasons...but more electronic and less gothic. Anyway, masterpieces.

>>By max

nothing to say........... may be stay loving gotic mmmmmmmm O zaman honky ponky torino cittadella modena barcelona perugia I will show u wat it means......... duydunuz mun hıııııııı in der pause essen hamburger........... thanks to Sabit(cc) alright go and get your story book .......So Bleed For Me (TURKEY)

>>By [removed]

I have all their albums....but the last 2 albums ?!?!
I miss the old Evereve... I miss that voice...that sound....

Did you ever speak words no one would ever hear?
Did you ever scream out what you feel when you see the pain?

Please keep listening Evereve

>>By Akasha

Stormbirds is a great album. if anyone wonders why the newer albums sound different it is because the original singer passed away. also, the lead guitarist neal moved to the U.S. Too bad! Stormbirds rules.

>>By Handle29

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