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his voice has changed alot. love has no boundries of male or female. yea that comercial did not sound like him. he was devoriced in 1988 i think. did you hear him on ray charles everbody love a genuis he did a duet on his song sorry seems to be the hardest words. i still wish he would perform in cincinnati.

>>By dede   (Saturday, 1 Jan 2005 02:27)

I did not hear the duet,
last night he was on the Dick Clark's new year celebration, wishing Dick to get well soon, did yoy see it?

>>By jfredricks   (Saturday, 1 Jan 2005 17:55)

no i did not i had to work. but he has missed two of his concert due to thorat problems and he has be cuasing out the pavaritti.

>>By dede   (Thursday, 13 Jan 2005 17:46)

Elton John is really great! If you like Elton John you will most probably like my favourite Joshua Kadison too, he's also a great singer - songwriter - pianoplayer, just like Elton (but Joshua writes his own lyrics...) - and people say that he sounds very similar to Elton...
You can check out 30 second samples of Joshua's music at amazon. com
I can almost hear Joshua sing one of Eltons great hits "The One" - that song would suit him very good!

>>By Helene   (Friday, 14 Jan 2005 13:53)

A little update about the Elton John/Joshua Kadison comparision - Joshua has just released a new website - radiohumanity.com , with new songs to listen to, so now it's even easier to compare! And as I said, if you like Elton, I'm absolutely sure you will like Joshua too!

>>By Helene   (Friday, 22 Apr 2005 10:27)

well after two years of saving and the city guaranteed that the police will leave him alone. so i will see or at least hear him form my wheelchair in row 102. i thank god he has decide to come. i've heard of joshua kadison bit only by second hand. dose anyone know if the peachtree road concert has an opening act? if so tell me who it is.

>>By dede   (Wednesday, 12 Oct 2005 04:09)

i went but i could not see much he did tree encores and sounded great until the end. my camara did not work so i have no pictures. if anyone got some let me know?

>>By dede   (Friday, 18 Nov 2005 23:59)

Good music, I can relax, when I am listening it!!!! Somebody know, where I can download some tabs, I would like to enjoy his music playing it on my sax!!!

>>By Marts   (Monday, 21 Nov 2005 19:35)

As for tabs... I think it's a little hard to download tabs for saxophone... there are a lot of guitartabs out there, but to get saxophone tabs it's a little harder.... you can download midifiles, and if you have a music software program, a sequencerprogram like Cubase or Logic you can import the midifiles and then you can get some kind of sheetmusic... but it's rather expensive to get those softwares, so it might be easier and cheaper to just buy sheetmusic in a music store...

As for Joshua Kadison - there are more songs at his website available for a free download, and he he has managed to change his websiteadress to www.joshuakadison.com (somebody "hijacked" his name, and it took him a while to get it back) as I said - if you like Elton John, you will like Joshua too ;-)

>>By Helene   (Sunday, 11 Jun 2006 10:12)

Is this (British) man able to sing in a British accent?

>>By nonyeb   (Thursday, 20 Sep 2007 16:24)

in an interview he said that they taught him at the royal acdomey taught them with no accents. plus with livivng and singing with mostly amercian singer he lost some of his accent. last week on radio interview he said he had cancerous tumors so it has really changed his voice so many do not reconix\ze his voice as he had in the past. he is much deeper and can't hold a note as long. but remember he is now 60 most singer do not last that long or stay popular with out droping out odf the secene for a while. he has never done that.

>>By dede   (Saturday, 22 Mar 2008 05:59)

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