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This album by D.O.A. is very diverse,
The remake of "You Keep Me Hangin'On" is killer! This album ROCKS!!!!!! info on the band,
Official site of the Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from New York. Featuring profiles, history, pictures, news, and release information. CD 8.5 points Dead on Arrival " Alive and Kickin' "

Dead on Arrival

Dead on Arrival " Alive and Kickin ' "
Whoever thought D.O.A. just stood still, that's unspeakable, The hectic industry controls the music world for restless city-dwellers, so-called Nu Metal, bands are soulless psychopath's that roar, the music that should whitewash the ears to a listener at once, because here comes the Rock'n'roll. Dead on Arrival were already rockin in the beginning of 70s a band which has sold so many records, they should of reached even a gold status then, however, in 1983 sang and tonelessly in the new movements of the music set(declined). Only in 1995 drummer Rick ventured with new cast on a comeback to the present this album is the result. Already well 8 years old Alive and Kickin ' " D.O.A. plays rock music " like Hardrock from hell, natively and thoroughly honest the energy goes up and up on this CD. 62 minutes driving Heavyrock with good, heroic melodies, wild Solo's and an independent singer in the higher range which does not sound cheesy, however, it obviously rocks and has balls. but with a great amount of snot on the vocal chords. Obviously, really, spectacularly, they are not Dead on Arrival with this Heavy album. But it really, is simply good music which automatically conjures a grin on the face of all who listen to it. Rick Ferrusi and his men never forget that the hard rock lives and grows from their inner souls which each musician lends them to their listeners his soul and so their compositions do have soul.

8.5 points out of 10 - Sasha Maurer... 2003

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