Dj Paul


I like the way he flows through his music. I like the way he looks I think that he is tight in every way. I would also like to get to know him but i dont think that is possible. DJ Paul you do what the good Lord told you to do and that is spread the music.
Much Love

>>By Alicia

DJ Paul is the best dj in the world and will stay the best hardcore dj in the hole wide world. Hardcore rulez the world 4-ever!!!

>>By Belgian Gabber


>>By a hardcore man

I just think Dj Paul is fine and has some tight a*$ music
Hes a reel a%$ dude.

>>By s.o.s

DJ Paul Bunyon Is the most hardcore Dj I've ever heard!!!

>>By LiL' T

paul can't mess wit playa fly

>>By lil pat from da 3rd

dj paul is da shit

>>By lil bee

DJ Paul is the motherfucken king of the M town just like he said. All these other fake ass wanna bees aint shit DJ Paul doin it on the north side BLACK HAVEN! TILL THA WORLD BLOW UP!

>>By tha head b@!#$ in charge

This man is the shit. His beats are tight and so are the flows. Besides Tela he is the only representin B.H.Z. Paul I am in Cali in the Marines you need to get your music air time out here this is where the money is!! Alot of these niggas have not heard of u. When I let dem listen they belike why he anit own the radio? Get your shit out here.

>>By HornLake L.V. G. Blackhaven

where can I get DJ Paul dancin in the rain on ra or mp3 any sites cos my g/f in Holland and I'm here and it our song

>>By hardstyler

dj paul bunyon is the best club dj in NAP baby better believe he is fine too.

>>By JY chic

paul bunyon it your master dont hide lets battle the man xrai
in, finest on the ones and 2s and 3s

>>By dj xrai

hijos de puta

>>By fuck off

I have a Paul Bunyon cd and everybody trys to take it from me. He is hot and I'm proud he's putting Indiana on the map. Holla atcha girl!!

>>By Baby Girl

GGDAG owns everyone


All these hoes need get off my husbands nuts.

>>By keiysha

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