Dandy Warhols


dandys are the best band i have ever heard! Get off! I love that song!

>>By Gilgamesh

My favorite album is The Dandy Warhols Come Down
Not if you were the last junkie on earth is the funniest video I have ever seen

>>By Jason

is this the monkeyhouse?

>>By wheelock

i think the dandies are great. they have a unique and upbeat sound which is hard to come across these days. they are great in concert too

>>By kelly

Am I the only 14 years old girl who love the dandy warhols?!? I feel like it, though...

>>By Norway_girl_14

If i could sleep forever

>>By mojo

I think I Bohemian like them

>>By Rabbit

when is the new album coming out? anyone heard any songs yet

>>By morge

anyone else had trouble opening new enhanced CD Monkey House in their D drive?

>>By Cali

the dandy's are one of the best band in the world. The new album is in that same cool dandy style but completely fresh, new and different to the last couple of albums which is amazing if you think that the last couple of albums were equally as brilliant as this one. rock on dandys. One little request is that the dandy warhols make there way to Brisbane, Australia please! we love you here!! (i have had trouble entering the web page too)

>>By Ria

can anyone suggest where to look for upcoming gigs in British Columbia? Their web page isn't helping.

>>By bc

i love the dandy warholes and if you are reading this chortney i love you with a passion, your song is sexual.

>>By Selly

I wonder how you, everybody, can choose one of their albums... for me, they have, all, their qualitys and atmosphere... And their creator is the best creator of this style of music... for me, He is the Mozart of the rock... This joung man has a sensitivity, a kindness, a softness, a fantastic notion of the beauty and the harmony, a voice more soft than the honey, and a big imagination that you can find in every songs He made. God bless Him.
Ciao to you all

>>By Marilyne

" a long time ago, we use to be friends"

>>By Tiger_Lily

I was never very comfortable with them. I believe they said all they had to say in their 2nd record which was not bad at all but that's enough.

>>By thom

if i could sleep forever...

>>By derinderinderinderin

A brilliant band with an excellent sense of humour.

>>By Default Pseudonym

How do they rate with The Dandy Nichols?

>>By nonyeb

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