Daft Punk


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Wicked! Wicked to the Max!

>>By Bish

da Funk
One More Time

>>By suggestions

wicked. i love indo silver club and around the world. god the french are so cool man

>>By sai

One more time and around the world are one of the best songs in world!!! Daft Punk rox!!!!

>>By bird

i heard almost all of daft punks

>>By Pikes

i almost heard all of daft punks releases and i heard the live of birmingham in 97 on cd.they are fantastic and wish to see them here in malta

>>By Pikes

I've seen Daft Punk's videos One more time,Aerodynamic,Digital love,and Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger but are there going to be more?,because I love them.

DAFT PUNK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

>>By Zach

What happened to the daftpunk-virginrecords.com site? It just went down last week.

>>By garvatron

Yo, Daft Punk is da bomb! I especially like "One More Time" dawgs!

>>By Zero

Why it's only 4 Videos?
I want more WAAAAAAAAH :(((((((((!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Yo-nth-eck

..The best

>>By Daftpunkluver

Daft punk rule and so do Room 5

>>By odd guy

Okay... Can someone please explain what happened? They're blue, having fun, jamming... then next minute pink clouds and everyone is asleep... Then the whole digital love and coming to the rescue... but what hell? In Harder, Better... they are turned into humans? What next? What did I miss???

>>By Chris

I am from Malta and I think that Daft Punk Rocks!!!!!!!

P.S. Does any one Know where to find Daft Punk Music Videos Online?

>>By 18Luck

I love all Daft punk songs especially the videos. I wish I wanna meet them in Dallas.

>>By Beliy

I love to watch the video "Digital Love"
you rock, u r da best.

>>By Tita

Daft Puck kick ass!
P.S: I'm looking for Daft Punk music videos online. does any body knows where can we find it?

>>By Beliy

Daft Punk rules the sounds of dance music... keep making awesome music guys!!! One more time rocks!!!!!

>>By Diana

WHOAH man daft punk is the best but i hope they come out with more music videos!! they only have up untill harder, better, i hope the story goes on!

>>By SBX

the daft punk anime video series is great! i downloaded all that i could find from kazaa but i think there is only four in the series. one more time, aerodynamic, digital love and harder, better, faster, stronger. anyone know if there is more? i think that is the order they go in too, but its kinda hard to tell

>>By Matt

Aero rules!!!

>>By eviljoker7075

Daft Punk : french touch par excellence

>>By Nico

Where is Revolution909.mp3

>>By Pathfinder

Any idea if they'll ever make another Music Video? The story for the videos DID kinda leave up hanging,

>>By Alex Warlorn

hey does ne1 no wher i can find daft punk videos online so they r soooooo cool and i luv them!

>>By hellodiodi

Daft punk sucks ass

>>By Daft punk sucks ass

You can find all the Daft Punk vids on Kazaa, its super easy to download them there.

>>By Matt

i want some vids of these guys

>>By cody


>>By i cant use it right now

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