Anyone know where I might be able to get hold of any Video's of any Cardiacs stuff!!!????

>>By Brother Reg   (Monday, 11 Nov 2002 18:04)

Hi Reg,

There are a few videos in circulation, but the official releases have never been available for long periods. You just need to find a friend to tape them for you.

I've watched a lot of Cardiacs videos, but I only have a copy of Mare's nest myself. It's really fun. Lots of fans have all sorts of stuff.

Take care,


>>By Ian   (Thursday, 6 Feb 2003 16:57)

Searching Heaven born, ever bright but it's very hard to find, any suggestions???

>>By Nanoman   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 17:58)

Plastic Head Distribution have pretty much every Cardiacs album in stock, inc Heaven Born - (search for Cardiacs)... also the mail order page on

Hello Nanoman...

>>By marinecreature   (Wednesday, 26 Feb 2003 13:38)

hi there, want to know where & when the song silvery ever apear?

>>By yossi   (Thursday, 3 Apr 2003 15:36)

Any info about forthcoming Cardiacs releases/gigs? Tim was producing some band in Gosport recently

>>By Damian   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 11:28)

Is there any news on gigs at all. Would love to see the band again. Any news please let me know on

>>By Pablo   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 23:00)


Recently informed by the organiser of the Whitchurch Festival that he tried to get them for this year but was unsuccessful. Shame as they were great at this event in 2000 and 2001

Damian   (Saturday, 3 May 2003 21:56)

How come Cardiacs never play in sweden,there is loads of fans over here???

>>By Kristoffer   (Thursday, 5 Jun 2003 20:39)

I've heard a rumour that Cardiacs are playing at the Highbury Garage in London on 17th and 18th October, 2003. Can anyone round here confirm this???

>>By Philip Filth   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 15:59)

yeah according to they are, no update on the official website yet though. Some east midlands dates would be nice.

>>By Damian   (Friday, 4 Jul 2003 16:51)

For more than a year ago I suddenly had e-mail contact with Tim, when I mailed them on the regular e-mail adress. He then confirmed they were to release a new studio-album at the end of 2002 or the beginning of 2003. Well, it's obvious they didn't make it. Damn! But I tried a several more times to contact him again and also the site-host Marc Palmer. But I don't get any response sadly enough. I think Marc could at least update something, because november 2002 was the last update. I'm very loyal in visiting the site, just to get some info, but to my opinion it's a pretty lazy bloke, that Marc Palmer. For a lone cardiac-fan from Holland it's not easy to find some soulmates either, so, it's just the site for me. You can be sure that I'm happy to have found this forum. Gives me a feeling there are more Cardiotics out there.

>>By Bernard   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 11:38)

i got my tickets for the october gigs and am really looking forward to it, but i just checked the website where i saw a post that said people weren't advised to travel for it as it wasn't a regular cardiacs gig (?) i'm coming from dublin

>>By muddy   (Wednesday, 27 Aug 2003 14:27)

Where is a good place to start with the Cardiacs? I've been given glowing reports og them by various people....

>>By Steed   (Thursday, 28 Aug 2003 20:26)

the sing to god 1 + 2 albums are a perfect way to start, then little man and a house then anywhere from there really

>>By muddy   (Saturday, 30 Aug 2003 22:40)

I recomend "Seaside" as a good place to start with Cardiacs....It was the first one I heard and I fell in love straight away.

Re: Garage gigs, They will only be playing songs written before 1980 (or 1982, can't remember).

>>By Greyhound   (Wednesday, 17 Sep 2003 17:15)

The new Cardiacs Gigs that are happening on Fri 17th Oct and Sat 18th Oct are at the Garage...they are performing all their very early stuff. A great opportuninty to hear all the classic live!!! And no two gigs will be the same.BUT WAIT, unanounced is a third gig on the SUNDAY 19th OCT and Tickets are available from the Mean Fiddler Box office...who knows what they will be doing!!! See you all there.... And Muddy - it is definately worth coming from Dublin to see the Cardiacs Live!!

>>By Julianxfm   (Sunday, 21 Sep 2003 21:13)

If anyone's after CARDIACS buy it from them, or if it's for backup purposes, get SoulSeek...
especially for those hard to get videos. I've got Seaside Treats available for d/load and am in the middle of doing Mare's Nest (possibly in DVD format).

>>By GreenPig   (Tuesday, 21 Oct 2003 14:12)

New Cardiacs website:

>>By Tangento   (Thursday, 4 Mar 2004 10:20)

cardiacs playing new date in Nov 2004 at London Astoria
check out the Organ website for details

>>By Julianxfm   (Friday, 16 Apr 2004 16:27)

Indeed, the 12th of november. I'm just so thrilled to say that I already bought my tickets ( and that it will be the first time i will see cardiacs live.

>>By heras   (Tuesday, 25 May 2004 10:58)

Cardiacs have opened so many doors for me. Since I first heard them on Mark Radcliffe's R1 show back in the 90's as a 15 year old, something in me 'clicked'... I then picked up a CD of 'On Land And In The Sea' at our local market, and this took me 10 to 15 listens before I realised this would be my FAVOURITE band forevermore! After this first epiphany came the second in 2002 (after nearly 7 years) when I first saw them live, all fleshed out. Brilliant.

Now I'm praying for a new album to be born, as we all are...

>>By ice_blink   (Monday, 16 Aug 2004 22:00)

This Cardiacs-forum thing is much like their website ; not very active.
Anyway, what i would like to ask for those reading this and living in the UK.

I will go to London on the 12th to see Cardiacs live. The day after that I would very much like to spend the day shopping for Cardiacs CD's en stuff ( I live in Belgium and it's almost impossible to find Cardiacs related stuff here)

Anyway ; I would appreciate it if someone could help me with some adresses of musicstores, shops, anything really where I could by CD's.
(I already have 'A little man and...','Heaven born and ...','Guns','Greatest hits', and some mp3's of others (shame on me)



u can mail me at :

>>By heras   (Saturday, 25 Sep 2004 07:23)

Does anyone know where I can get hold of a copy of the mares nest video, I emailed Marc Palmer at the ABC, and he was saying bluntly, that it was unavailable, theres got to be someone out there who could do a copy, would pay for duplication and postage...etc, etc, etc

>>By badger23   (Monday, 13 Dec 2004 12:45)

No one has talked about Cardiacs for ages it seems! I love this band. they effortlessly pull off that trick of being skewed and weird in an entirely charming and beguiling way. so few can do that; art can be odd in such a self conscious fashion so often, but Cardiacs feel like they were just born that way.
I do so hope Tim gets better and they can get it all going again. They had their first album in ten years all ready to roll too.

>>By zab   (Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009 00:24)

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