Blink 182


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Exactly hes the best so wy would he be in a shitty band.He should leave no reason being in a stupid band thats going no where.they started off good but there going down hill.

>>By rancid

...I dont know if you people know this yet but tickets for Blink 182's UK tour went on sale at 9:30 am today. I suggest you get to the phones or go to to grab your tickets now, if they aren't all gone.

>>By PatchworkDove

i hope they sound good 4 the plp going.

>>By rancid

blink-182 rocks. sort of. lol. kidding. they rock alot. they r so funny and goofy.

>>By imwhite-notmyfault

Blink 182 is the best mutha f***ing band . k mabye they arnet but their my fav!!! and 4 all u who say they sold out well if they didnt change u would be complaining that they sound the same!!!!!and 4 all u who sa they arnet loudd enough turn up the volume !!!

>>By nikki wavegirl

Blink182 does have talent. If they didnt then they wouldnt of gotten this far. And the reason I like the song miss you is cause the drums a F'in awesome! Lol, its different. Yes, its true there old persononlity helped, but I guess they want to do what they want. And there old stuff is what they dont realized is what bring peoples into there music. If they make another Cd like Blink182 (Name of cd) I dont know what will happen next.

>>By Redwhiteout

I love Feeling This and I Miss You.

>>By raspberry_juice

blink is a very talented band, even though they recieve mostly negative criticism from the punk scene. people call them sell outs and shit like that. why are they sellouts? well i think it has something to do with MTV. they ruin everything. and good punk bands don't help themselves out by working with MTV. i think that blink made a wrong turn when they started letting MTV show their videos. i guess they got what they wanted (the $$$$$$).oh well.

to future punk bands everywhere. stay away from MTV. they will ruin u. what would u rather have? respect from the punk scene and a decsent living.(playing shows and touring constantly just to make your money). Or sell out the punk scene to make your selfish ass rich. U decide.

>>By nofxisawesome22

if your good you dont have to sell out to be rich , it comes with the fame you get from being good ... like blink 182 , theyre awesome

>>By brokenvalo666

this just in blink 182 is breaking up

>>By MetalBladeRecords

I love Blink 182, it saddens me deeply to learn that they are breaking up. I hope the decide to ban together. I don't really like their new stuff all that much, but Enema of the State is one of my personal favorites!

>>By Wednesday

got somemore info it seems there not breaking up after all their just taking a hitatus from producing music for awhile

>>By MetalBladeRecords

a hitatus is just a nice way to say they're breakin up so people don't riot on the street!!! "While there is no set plan for the band to begin working together again, no one knows what tomorrow may bring." this is a direct quote form their site. its over people!!! but they're breakin up to be with their families, no one can blame them for wanting to be in their kids lives. blink will be missed. thanx for the good time guys!

>>By cheezypunk

i am more of a pennywise fan myself so it really doesnt bother me that much but the news about korn killed me

>>By MetalBladeRecords

I will always miss blink 182 =( there will never be another band like them.

>>By unheard0f

I hope not. They're terrible...

>>By Urbane

they seemed to have nice sense of humor:)

>>By Eli_Molko

blink was good back in the day. what's my age again/the rock show/man overboard. after that they went downhill, and quickly.

>>By raspberry_juice

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