Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


I am a huge fan. This band was the new face of punk rock, I'm so sad they called it quits but thanx for the fucking awesome music.

>>By jamie

What the heck are u talkin about, jamie?
do you know what BRMC is? i mean do you know what band are you talkin about????

BRMC isn't punk rock and they haven't quit. They have recorded their second album and are extensively ROCKING the UK :P

>>By Acha

Yeah, they're too light to be called punk, definitely.

>>By Sk8a H8a


>>By Campking

BRMC isn't punk rock and they haven't quit. They have recorded their second album and are extensively ROCKING the UK :P

I wish they would quiet and go back to the streets where they grew up and shoot themselves up with smack again!!!!!

>>By Campking

Don't dis them.
They try the best they can and make the music I like.

>>By Acha

To quote Radiohead: "Anyone can play guitar"

That should say enough....

>>By Campking

It doesn't say enough for me. In fact, I think Radiohead are wrong.
I cannot play a guitar.
Anyway, surely a band needs more than a guitarist to be a success.

>>By Undertone

Not ANYONE can play guitar. People with no fingers tend to have extreme difficulty. And even for us who are non-digitally challenged, playing guitar WELL isn't exactly the most common of talents. I mean, I can play guitar, so why am I not as famous as BRMC?

>>By Sk8a H8a

I like them a lot,they'll progress eeven more,you'll see:)))

>>By Eli_Molko

Only the best band!!! They blow me away everytime I see them live! I love the way they end their songs with distortion and reverb. . .I love when they lead with the bass line (a little Joy Division influence there?). . .I love the lyrics and the voices of Peter and Robert, and the drums at the end of Stop are killer. . .both albums are fantastic, I can't wait for the new one. . .

>>By NewYorkDolls

Danko Reinhardt missed 3 fingers and is still considered one of the best gypsy gitartist ever, but to get back to the subject: when you are so in to BRMC, you might wanna try some of the late eighties bands that they ripped their sound of and that actually sound a big deal better...

>>By Campking

It all depends on your age really. There's hardly any new original band in rock today.If you've been listening to this music for years now, you get the feeling you've heard it all before with most new bands.That's ok. As long as it's good and fresh sounding. I really liked the first LP but the 2nd one didn't really do it for me.And they definately haven't split.In fact, they played a gig in London last night .

>>By thom

I don't tortally agree on that with you Thom, ofcourse it is matter of age. But then I do think that bands can bring something new to what they ar doing, instead of blindly copying, and I don't hear that in BRmC, the freshness you refer too isn't their for me at all... neither in the first nore in what I have heard of the second....
But there it is a simple example of different tastes, I guess....

>>By Campking

"Any one can play guitar"what's that got to do with it?

oh they copy this they copy that.
o.k they might not be as intricate as radiohead,but they make soulfull music and play with feeling.........

Spread your love...........riffles,played at full volume oooohhhhh! suit's you sir.
surely just because there are better band's(from any decade)does not mean brmc are not worth it.

>>By supfur charminman

plus i don't think brmc want to sound that progressive,it's supposed to be that raw.

>>By supfur charminman

BRMC released their new album "Howl" which I picked up excitedly, and then became dismayed. If you have been listening to them from the first album, you picked up on the great vocals and delivery. Their sophomore release seemed to try and tread down the same path without deviating. It turned boring and seemed rehashed very quickly.

Now with Howl I was a little dismayed of the "new country" influence. I sighed and put it in a light rotation. But, it grew on me! Now I can say... really give it a chance. It fits very nicely with The Walkman: "Everyone who Pretended..", and Calexico: "Feast of Wire"... maybe a touch of "Whiskeytown" as well.


>>By Johnny L

Hi, Baby 81 is their new album and has great songs, you will love it as you keep on listening to it, bye!

>>By Heartland

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