Billy Talent


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the band connsists of :

benjamin kowalewics-vocals

ian d'sa-guitar

john gallant-bass

aaron solowonick-drums

>>By jack_is_hot6


>>By Nikki_12

yah there kewl!

>>By devilz_angel

ben is so cool

>>By manson_is_sexy

I love them too, but it's VERY hard to find their CD in Britain. I'd kill to get it, but at the moment I'm stuck with downloading stuff.

>>By Sk8er H8er

the cd is amazing sk8er h8er its really well done all the songs are like storys with secret meanings i love it!

ps- i love Ian's hair its so cool~!~ it sticks straight up!!

>>By manson_is_sexy

I absolutely love Prisoners of Today, and Beachballs, and pretty much all of the other songs. There are some really awesome chord changes, especially in Try Honesty.
I also think Ian's hair looks cool. My best friend has sideburns just like him.

>>By Sk8er H8er

You cant get the cd here. *cries* Oh well. Yep I love em, call me pathetic.. but I do. Hey dont ACTUALLY call me pathetic man, that hurts. =|

>>By xnothingx

i really like the song line and sinker

>>By manson_is_sexy

they rock!

your not pathetic i love them to

>>By manson_is_sexy

My favourite BT song is The Ex, but I love all the other ones too!

>>By Sk8a H8a

Yeah, Billy Talent rock! They're like my second favourite punk band.

>>By BarryMarsden

I love the song "When I Was a Little Girl", but I had to download it. Does anyone know if it's been released?

>>By Sk8a H8a

i love billy talent! ben is so little! :) great band i dont know if When i was a little girl has been released yet...

>>By idontknowdotcom23

Haha yeah, he's tiny. Does anyone know how tall he is exactly?

>>By Sk8a H8a

umm nope sorry, but i would like to know too!

>>By idontknowdotcom23

billy talent is pretty cool...i like them...

>>By flo86

yeah they are pretty cool.....wouldnt it be cool if ben called himself jamin? (ben jamin)

>>By idontknowdotcom23

not really a fan to light for me

>>By therion

billy talent is awsome

>>By manson_is_sexy

How does Bob Marley like his donuts? With jammin'... okaeey, that's a really bad joke. Never mind.
Billy Talent are the shizzle - a real band who actually make the most of their talent. I can't criticise this band in any conceivable way.

>>By Sk8a H8a

lol sk8a...jammin.... AHAHAHAHAHA hem.. yeah billy talent are thuper...

>>By idontknowdotcom23

Aww, yay. Glad someone appreciates my jokes.
The harmonies in Billy Talent's songs are generally excellent. Who sings backing vocals?

>>By Sk8a H8a

i think ian might.... (as in the guitarist) i dunno though....anybody else know?

>>By idontknowdotcom23

Ian is undoubtedly the coolest guy in the band - I mean, just look at his hair!! But they all play their instruments awesomely. The appearance is just the tie-breaker.

>>By Flake 1.6

awesome live band.
saw them about two months ago.
their power absolutely overwelms you....

>>By tameeka

lol yeah Ian has elvis hair! haha tameeka: wow yeah ive heard they're great live, and i really really wanna see them :) i hope theyre on tour in the UK soon..

>>By idontknowdotcom23

@idontknowdotcom23:You have to see them live,
if you miss that chance I'll be very sorry for you.
They're sooooo GREAT!!

>>By tameeka

they rock!!! they´re so hardcore!!

>>By cheezypunk

oh i know i really have to see them sister saw them on warped tour (i think) and apparantly they were fantastic..i'm so jealous :(

>>By idontknowdotcom23

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