Billy Idol


Billy Idol rocks forever ! Britney Spear, Shakira and others littles almost naked
basterds can eat my short. Music of the 80's and Billy Idol rock and are the best

>>By the one with no name   (Friday, 20 Dec 2002 02:45)

I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH HIM!! His music is great, and he's like the sexiest man alive! I've seen him in concert(Two feet away from him!) And it was the best day of my life. I'd give anything to meet the bugger! From what I've heard about him he's pretty interesting. In my opinion, whoever doesn't like Billy Idol is a big looser, Because how can you not like a man with amazing Music(Rock is the Best) AND GREAT LOOKS!!!!!!!!! So to all you Billy Idol fans out there:

YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock on- Sam:)

>>By Sam(I'm a girl)   (Saturday, 18 Jan 2003 06:05)

I was raised on Idol! He is the best. My friends dis him but I think he's the best. I have his newest CD! It has the song I was raised on. Mony Mony! Its the best song ever! I would like to met Billy Idol!

>>By Jessi Jones   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 18:54)


>>By renata   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 07:35)

I miss his music what the hell is he doin'.A new Cyberpunk is needed.
greetings from Sweden.

>>By ?????????????   (Thursday, 17 Apr 2003 11:12)

We really need a new cd now, Billy!! Please... ;) Love your music and you ofcouse.... ;) Also greetings from Sweden....

>>By Swedish girl   (Sunday, 20 Apr 2003 18:57)

Swedish girl i dont think Billy's gonna read this! Yea Billy Idol is sexy even 2day, gggggggggggrrrrrrrrr!

>>By Billy's Playmate   (Thursday, 24 Apr 2003 00:22)

Billys Playmate, so you donīt think Billy use to be on the internet?

>>By Swedish girl   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 16:31)

Of course Billy Idol is never gonna read this Swedish Girl. Do u think he's that Vain that he'd look up himself on the internet?

>>By Billy's Playmate   (Wednesday, 30 Apr 2003 16:20)

Album is comming, friend of mine had heard some tracks.

I'll hope DVD videoos comming too.

>>By Everts   (Thursday, 8 May 2003 21:45)

i love him soooo much hes sooo sexy heheand his music is awesome

>>By andrea   (Friday, 30 May 2003 14:25)


>>By JOANNE   (Tuesday, 17 Jun 2003 10:01)

I love very much from him 'sweet16 '.I remember that aige.

>>By maximus1   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 15:07)

I am a child of the 90's considering I was born in 85 yet retro is all I listen to. I dont appreaciate modern music or 90's for that matter as much as I am in love with retro. And I have to say, Billy Iold is so amazing, in both looks and music! everyone of his songs are AMAZING


>>By flesh for fantasy   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 20:38)

billy idol is funny becos he looks gay, but he isn't! hooray for billy idol

its a nice day to...........start again!!!!

>>By shane   (Monday, 28 Jul 2003 21:26)

one sentence discribes thIS MAN


>>By poo is num num   (Monday, 28 Jul 2003 21:29)

just for thouse who don't know the new billy idol album is going to be released early march next year, i can't remember the exact date.

>>By lizzy le roux   (Monday, 11 Oct 2004 14:21)

HAHAH. Billy Idol... great in The Wedding Singer.

>>By nOel_x3   (Saturday, 30 Oct 2004 00:55)

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