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I liked Rage against the machine for a long time and when Zack left i was extremely dissappointed. When I found out about Chris Cornell joining I was apprehensive, but when i heard cochise i was amazed. He is an amazing singer and the band rocks hard! The new CD rocks all the way and I even started to listn to soundgarden.

>>By dave

At least when Dio joined Sabbath they could always partially smokescreen the wackness by jamming out oldies like "Sweet Leaf" or something. What are these guys gonna do?

>>By Dresden

i saw them two days ago, they were awesome, oh god they put on the bestest show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope u c this some day...i love u guys...

>>By viviana


>>By eatengold

Great band theres not much else to it than that

>>By therion

great band

>>By *Vovin*

chris cornell rocks i a long fan of chris cornell soundgarden rules
i feel that soundgarden is the frist band to start the grunge era but some think kurt coban was dont get me wrong i like nervanna kick but band too but to me chris cornell is the king of grunge

>>By audioslavesangel

Soundgarden was a great band, but I don't think they were the once to start grunge, I also don't believe it was Nirvana, but it was husker du, a band that influenced almost all the seatle bands, and are oftened called the godfathers of the grunge. Really think that anyone who likes bands like Soundgarden and Nirvana should go and check them out.

Have some good memories of Soundgarden tough, their live shows were great and really had you by the balls, too bad I can't say the same about Audioslave, good band, but for me it doesn't have what Soundgarden (or for that matter RATM) had. But still better then a lot of obsolete bands from this moment.....

>>By Campking

i think audioslave is a new trend for grunge
he started it .. still hasnt stopped yet!!
their style is unique and i think RATM with Chris Cornell signing is awesome just thinking about!!

they definitely have a ways to go before they throw in the towel!!

cant wait to hear some new developments in music from these guys!!!!!

>>By Cyber_Samurai

I just hope Tom Morello stays original and inventive. I have faith that he will

>>By ftad

The bassist... what's his name?

>>By Sk8a H8a

Tim Commerford - the bassist.

>>By Tchock

The lead singer is hot

>>By Till63

There's a really really great scene in the movie 'Collateral' when a wolf (or something) walks across the road in the taxi's headlights, and the intro to Audioslave's "Shadow on the Sun" kicks in. Took me a while to recognise it. But when I did ... (ahhhh Audioslave!).

>>By ftad

hell yeah chris cornell's hot

>>By audioslavesangel

In my opinion.... Audioslave.... not as good as Soundgarden....... not as good as Rage.... but still good..... and Cornell's lyrics are as gothically romantically poetically awe-inspiring as ever.

>>By Flagg

I agree with you Flagg, SG, is better than AS. As long as Chris Cornell keeps doing what he does so well I will continue to follow him. I Love the Wail, fo Chris Cornell..

>>By music lover

I agree that Audioslave is good, but they just cannot compare to RATM, Zach De La Rocha was the best part of them, and now that they don't have Zach anymore, they just could never be as good.

>>By Urbane

come on there better chris is great

>>By audioslavesangel

You can't think of Audioslave as the new RATM unless you *want* to be disappointed. That's not what they're meant to be. And Cornell, I think, is more talented than Zach

>>By Flagg

Chris's brother Pete is a singer too. Haven't head him yet, but he
does something on another label. From what I've heard others say, he sounds good, not like Chris's sound, but man do they look alike?

>>By music lover

He's more talented at actually singing, but the best part of RATM was the rapping. Morello's guitar just sounded perfect with the rapping. And Zach sang about good things, things that needed attention, not the kind of pointless topics that Cornell sings about.

>>By Urbane

if you are interested in life and its troubles chris' lyrics arent pointless! i do see where you're coming from though, zach was more of a revolutionary! his lyrics opened up eyes, ears and knowledge to our corrupt world! chris' topics are life and pain zachs are the world and justification! they are very different so it is hard to compare!

>>By keels

Cornell's lyrics are anything but pointless. That's a ridiculous thing to say. Just because he doesn't sing about all the things that are wrong with America, all of which - let's face it - we are aware of, doesn't mean it's pointless. Keels is right; Cornell sings about what he wants, he doesn't feel obliged to right wrongs or start a revolution, which is why i think he's more talented that Zach. His lyrics can do things to you, give you images or tell stories, which is what good lyrics are all about, for me. Not to say that Zach's lyrics had no effect on me.

>>By Flagg

Why would Cornell sing about pain? I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but his life seems to be anything but painful. He's making a hell o a lot of money and he proabably has no pain at all. If I'm wrong in this, please tell me because I don't actually know much about him, but I do know that he's rich and famous.

>>By Urbane

Being rich & famous isn't everything. He had his bout with drugs and got over it, unlike so many who didn't. I think of Rage as being a politically movtivated band that seem really interested in those issues. Chris, I don't see as being so outspoken as some of the members of Rage. RATM sounds like rap to me. That's just my opinion. I like anything that Chris does, although I like Sgarden more so than ASlave. maybe he'll do something with the remaning members of AIChains for the Tsuanami relief show that's upcoming. That would be a show to see.

>>By music lover

rage was some good shit. . .

and audioslave would be just as good. . .if it weren't for chris cornell. . .

just the sound of his voice makes my stomach turn. . .

so i say boo. . .to audioslave. . .

>>By drowninginflame

Urbane - everyone feels pain. If you think being rich and famous will protect you from it well... that's the American dream, and what would Zach de la Rocher say about that???

Cornell is a genius.

>>By Flagg

Audioslave is the next step up for Chris Cornell as well as the boys from Rage....they were meant to be together....first cd proves it...second one will nail it....waiting patiently to hear it.....Chris Cornell is absolutely amazing.....I was mesmorized the first time I saw and heard him play live......and that was back in 1989...both bodies together is truely amazing....looking forward to whatever they throw our way

>>By dmaria

what does everyone think of the new Audioslave song? I've heard it a few times on the radio and for awhile there I wasn't sure if it was them or not....Cornell is sounding a little different....I'm gonna have to hear it a few more times before I can decide if I like it or not (so far I've been at work every time it's come on the radio so I haven't been able to give it my full attention)

>>By dmaria

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